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Making our cities safer

Our top priority

Safety is what matters most

It's who we are, and why we're here: to build the world’s most advanced self-driving vehicles to safely connect people with the places, things, and experiences they love. From in-house technology design and on-road operations, to our customer service features and community partners, safety guides everything we do, every day.

A better way

Today's roads aren't safe

Every year, 40,000 families lose a loved one to car crashes. Auto collisions are the second-leading cause of death for our teenagers, and progress on reducing our road fatality rate has stalled in the last decade. There is a better, safer way. One with fewer collisions, more confident riders, and at-ease pedestrians. The driverless future won't just make life easier, it will make it safer—for all of us.

Technology to keep you safe

  • 360° vision

    Looking in all directions at all times

  • Rigorous testing

    250,000 tests before we hit the road

  • Built-in redundancies

    No single point-of-failure

Rider safety

For our riders

Cruise vehicles remind each passenger to buckle up before riding. When starting a ride, passengers receive both audible and visual prompts to safely secure seat belts, close car doors, and keep their arms safely inside the vehicle during their ride.

Safety in action

At Cruise, we aim to improve safety for all road users. Watch how a team of Cruisers who share a passion for cycling worked diligently to better protect cyclists on busy city streets.

Safety news from Cruise

Safety FAQs