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A holistic approach

Safety first

Safety research

Our latest study, published in collaboration with UMTRI, VTTI and GM introduces a benchmark that allows us to better measure the safety performance of autonomous vehicles vs human ridehail drivers.

A better way

Today's roads aren't safe

Every year, 40,000 families lose a loved one to car crashes. Auto collisions are the second-leading cause of death for our teenagers, and progress on reducing our road fatality rate has stalled in the last decade. There is a better, safer way. One with fewer collisions, more confident riders, and at-ease pedestrians. The driverless future won't just make life easier, it will make it safer—for all of us.

Technology to keep you safe

  • 360° vision

    Looking in all directions at all times

  • Rigorous testing

    250,000 tests before we hit the road

  • Built-in redundancies

    No single point-of-failure

Safety in action

At Cruise, we aim to improve safety for all road users. Watch how a team of Cruisers who share a passion for cycling worked diligently to better protect cyclists on busy city streets.

Safety news from Cruise

Safety FAQs